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Register or login with Google, GitHub, GitLab, LinkedIn and Facebook. Choose poker planning or retrospective meeting. Invite your teammates via link or send email. Import issues from Jira or create issue manually. Vote for issue and synchronize with Jira.

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Import issue you want to evaluate from the backlog with a quick search and synchronisation of Story Points.

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Agile ceremonies are important part of development process. Look for ways to solve the problem of a distributed team so that the processes take the same amount of time as if the team were sitting in one office.


Planning Poker

Planning poker is a consensus-based estimating technique for Agile teams. Create issues, during the planning of which you can determine the amount of work to be performed. Involve all team members in the discussion of the complexity of the features and make the assessment more transparent for everyone.

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Sprint Retrospective

Use the method of studying previous experience by analyzing the achieved and missed goals, means, structure, reasons. Retrospective app with sticker likes allow your team and product owner to discuss the highlights.

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